Brew Dudes 2018 Community Brew – Recipe Formulation

Watch Video:

This week, it is Community Brew Recipe Formulation time so we are putting together an English Style Brown ale using BeerSmith!

In our last video, we offered up three styles of beer to choose from for our next Community Brew session.

The tallied votes came in for an English Style Brown Ale; specifically a Northern English Brown was indicated.

In this video, I walk through my recipe generation theory and ideas. I discuss the differences between a couple key brown ale ingredients and we finish with a quick discussion on yeast choices.

You can find the final, simple version of the recipe below if you are interested and more detailed information on our blog (link above).

One note on water profiles: I didn’t get into the water profiles here because, to be honest, we all approach water a little differently and I didn’t want it to seem like without a specific water profile you couldn’t or shouldn’t attempt this recipe.

Certainly, if you like your water/water process, then stick with that.

The video was getting long so I’ll include how I plan to handle it here.

I (Mike) tend to brew every beer from RO/distilled water and I build in the salt profile I want from there. So for this brew I’d favor a 2:1 or 1.5:1 chloride to sulfate ratio. I want to accentuate the malt character.

Now, I know English beers would maybe have a much harder water profile that what I am recommending in basic chloride to sulfate, but this seems to be working for me. To each his own, etc. etc.

We hope you can brew this one. We hope you at least like the process for the video. If you would like to be part of a beer exchange later on stay tuned to future videos for details.


11 lbs Golden Promise (2.0 °SRM)
8 oz Medium Crystal Malt (55 °SRM)
8 oz Special Roast (50 °SRM)
5 oz Chocolate Malt (450 °SRM)
1.5oz EKG at 60 mins
1.0oz EKG at 10 mins
Wyeast 1968 London ESB



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